Today, Longland Green specialise in helping small and medium sized enterprises, primarily - but not exclusively - involved in manufacturing, improve performance and achieve growth.

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    Improving Business Performance

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    Gaining Growth

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    Manufacturing Support

We focus on such companies because they demand a particular approach that other providers do not always understand or respect. We do, because we have been there ourselves.

From radar for Tornado, through gearbox casings for Le Mans 24hr race winners, to chutneys and jams for farmers’ markets; we have helped people from commercial and defence markets, diverse business sectors and widely different company sizes, to make sense of manufacturing.

By building a partnership between specialists in their field, the Managing Director/Owner (MDO), and the staff, we deliver improvements to the effectiveness and efficiency of each department, and through this, the bottom line.

"Thank goodness I have finally found someone who talks to me in language I understand."

"I can finally get my business moving, now I've got some real strategies to employ."

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Manufacturing Operations Support

Experienced advisers are here to help you, with a fully personalised approach.

Quality Management
Quality - What does it mean to you?

Quality means different things to different people.
Do you know what it means to your customers?

Supply Chain
Materials Management

Whatever your materials problems, we can help you deliver your innovative ideas and ambitions.

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What is ERP / MRP and how is it going to help my business?

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Administration Support

How can we really achieve successful communication between departments?

Service Management
Service Management

Talk to us for more details about Customer support and service support.